Shipping employees perform the task of movement of product from the shipping floor to the trailer for shipment to the customer. These tasks may include the use of motorized lift trucks, pallet jacks, hand trucks and carts. The Shipping employee will be required to lift and move loose product, boxes, skids and racks to accomplish the tasks required for the shipment of sheet metal duct work to the customer. Although not frequently, there is the occasion for the need to move heavy items to accomplish the job. Employees in this position are required to work around moving machinery, powered equipment, and motorized lift trucks.

Physical Requirements Possible– 

Various positions and departments in the shop require the ability to …

  1. Lift and carry heavy objects to 50 pounds.
  2. Perform repeated pushing and pulling tasks.
  3. Perform repeated gripping, punching, or grasping.
  4. Lift and/or work above shoulder level.
  5. Perform duties squatted or kneeling.
  6. To climb stairs.
  7. To be on their feet through the entire workday.

Southwark Metal Manufacturing does comply with all ADA Requirements and does provide “reasonable accommodations” when possible.  However, the ability to perform all of the items above is expected and required unless we have been notified of the possibility of accommodations that may be needed.

AGE REQUIREMENT – Must be at least 18 years of age.