Duct Design Center

Southwark Metal Manufacturing Company has been a proud leader in the HVAC manufacturing industry for decades. We are committed to not only supplying high quality products, but in the promotion of their use in the most efficient, safety-conscious, and standard compliant methods. Our technical staff has years of industry experience which we here at Southwark use every day to help serve our customers better. With a more comprehensive understanding of forced air systems, duct design, and sheet metal products, our customers can address the needs of their business by providing the tools to help contractors and HVAC professionals create comfort for homeowners.

Note: All information presented in Southwark Metal Manufacturing Co’s “Duct Design Center” is for general approximations only. It does not constitute a recommendation for a given application. Local codes and equipment manufacturer’s instructions override this “public domain” information. The content is based on industry consensus of good practices drawn from, but not limited to, anecdotal notes/experience, standards, presented information and published manuals (i.e. ACCA’s Manual D, Manual J, Manual S, SMACNA Installation Standards etc.)